Nominee "Bellissimo Decor, LLC" - 2023 Danville Area Chamber of Commerce Community Awards

Bellissimo Decor, LLC


About this Nominee

BELLISSIMO DÉCOR, LLC was established in 2003 by Danville, California native, Kristen Phillips. Over the years, Kristen has been nationally recognized for her distinctive ability to transform a client’s unique & functional preferences into an imaginative design for their home or business that reflects creativity, charm and elegance that can be enjoyed for years to come.

“A design should frame and inspire the life & personality of those dwelling within the space. Family dynamics, personal preferences, business branding, and collected treasures all play a role in the selection of each piece and the layout of the overall design. It’s less about trend and more about who you are and how that gets reflected in your surroundings that drives the creativity and inspiration of the overall design. At Bellissimo Décor, we think of ourselves as “dream builders” who prioritize the wants and needs of our clients to creatively produce a designed space that exceeds our client’s expectations. To do this successfully, the design, build and final execution of the project must be well managed, the client’s needs and dreams carefully considered, and the budget respected.” - Kristen Phillips

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